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Point 2 Point Surveys Services

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Boundary Surveys

Identification and Subdivision Surveys

An identification survey will identify the location of your property boundary allowing for new fences, retaining walls and renovations all being built within your council's requirements.

Subdivision surveys essentially can be:

1. splitting one property into two properties

2. splitting multiple properties into two

or more new properties.

3. realigning existing boundaries, i.e. 2 lots into 2 lots. 

We specialise in smaller developments. 

Other type of boundary surveys include:

  • Easements

  • Lease of land

  • Freeholding actions

  • Road resumptions.

Aerial View of Farmhouse

Set Out Surveys

House setouts
Renovation Setouts

We will set out your new project in relation to the boundaries.

  • house set outs

  • extension set outs

  • poolhouse set outs

  • carport set outs

  • granny flat set outs

In most instances, an Identification Survey will need to be completed prior to or simultaneously to the set out. This will ensure your new home, extension, granny flat, pool house, carport or whatever your dream is built within the building approval requirements and inside your boundary.

Detail Surveys

Contour and Detail Surveys
NGL Surveys

Contour and Detail surveys are the foundation of any new renovation or new build. These surveys locate the existing ground, infrastructure and existing structures to enable designs for your project.Natural ground level surveys (NGL) use council's definition and data to define the levels for building to the highest level possible.

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